Ruth Talaiver

Hi, my name is Ruth Talaiver. I am a photographer from Memphis, TN. I studied Fashion Photography in high school and started a ‘Fashion Club’ immediately following. In college, photography classes were just the beginning of my passion.

I know you are here for a reason – because you believe that photography really matters and can add depth and meaning to life – not just today, but years down the road. I believe that every moment is special and not a single second should pass by without being treasured.


During your Portraits and In-Studio Sessions, I capture your special moments. Images which you can share with your grandchildren and their grandchildren after them. My goal is to make you laugh, smile, while capturing memories that will last a lifetime


Through my passion for photography, I capture emotional moments seamlessly, sensitively, and imaginatively, ensuring that each event is not only beautiful, but personal and authentic. My photography enables you to shine through and tell your story.


Finally, I would like to thank my Dad, Mr. Alex S. Talaiver (Photographer) for teaching me the latest about digital photography in and out of the studio, and it is my job to carry on the company Legacy which my Dad started.